The Dashboard

Your Verdmo Pro Data. Flexible. Powerful. 

Your dashboard gives you the power to control your data, make decisions, and connect the way you need. Find out more below.

Everything in One Place

Your Verdmo Pro dashboard provides you with easy to use data, powerful customizations, and the ability to make the decisions you need. On going updates and new features means you will always have what you need to succeed.

Explore your Data

01. Highlight

Quickly see how your sensor data changes over any data range in our flexible charts. Share the charts quickly by exporting it directly from your dashboard.

02. Zoom

Expand your charts and review your data in more depth. Adjust the time ranges quickly to zero in on the exact time you want to review. 

03. Explore

Dig in and explore your data in detail. Review averages, sums and more as you see each data input. Export your data or share live widgets quickly and easily.

Get Notified

Don't worry about constantly monitoring your dashboard and sensors. Verdmo Pro allows you to send events that will alert you when something needs your attention. E-mail, text, webhook and even phone call alerts are available (and more!)

Flexible Views

01. Compare

Easily compare various sensors, locations or devices together in one place. No need to jump back and forth to get the answer you need.

02. Custom Dates

View your data during the time period you need. Check the last hour, the last year or anything in between with just a click.

03. Quick Views

Flip between devices easily with our dynamic dashboards comparing the same sensors and readouts for different locations.

Customize the Way You Want

View your data the way you want by adding or changing widgets. Line charts, scatter plots, pie charts, histograms and more are available to add and adjust the way you need. On top of that you can change fonts, colours and layouts to fit your requirements.

Powerful Data, Flexibility and More

Your Verdmo Pro dashboard provides you with ways to view and examine your data anyway you like. It is customizable and expandable so you can create the perfect tool for your needs. Need more information? Want something custom? Contact us to talk about how we can create the perfect solution for you.

Branded Dashboards for Your Business

Talk to us about how you can brand your dashboard to match your business. Have your customers log in and view data with your layouts, colours and logo to create a unified experience.

Connections You Need

Don't leave your data behind.  Verdmo Pro gives you the ability to connect platforms, sensors and information any way you want.  Our webhooks and API allow you to integrate our sensors into 3rd party platforms such as irrigation controllers, or to bring outside data into your Verdmo Pro dashboard.  Contact us to learn more.