Verdmo Pro COMPLETE offers the most afforadable way to get professional level soil measurements along with add-on sensors like humidity, atmospheric pressure, c02 and more. Verdmo Pro soil sensors measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity (EC). Connect up to three (3) soil sensors to each Verdmo Pro COMPLETE to measure multiple locations or depths. All of your data is easy to access, understand and interact with on you Verdmo Pro dashboard. Order now to get your Verdmo Pro SOIL this spring.


All Sensors come with 5 feet of wire, easy to connect extensions are available here.


Click here for more information on Verdmo Pro SOIL.


Custom Orders: For custom orders with specific sensor selection, other power options such as solar, and other customizable choices please contact us at pro@verdmo.com or visit our custom order page.


All prices in USD

  • A subscription is required for Verdmo Pro. You can choose the level which works best for you and can change levels at anytime. You will be contacted before your order ships to confirm your subscription choice and payment method.

    For more information on Subscriptions click here.


    For LoRa based devices a single gateway is required to connect your Verdmo Pro's . Only one gateway is required as long as all of your devices are within wireless range.

    For more information on our gateway click here.  OR  Order the gateway on it's own here.