Provide better irrigation solutions to your customers by offering Verdmo Pro. By using our soil moisture sensors you can cut the frequency of watering for your clients, saving them time and money. Offer Verdmo Pro as a stand alone or managed service.


If you need to monitor soil moisture for one tree, a large flower bed or a complete yard, Verdmo Pro can work for you. Choose the sensors, connect easily and show your clients what having data can do to improve their landscape.


A better lawn with less water is easy to get when using Verdmo Pro. Cut your water usage by up to 60%, save money and don't worry about connection range or battery life. Verdmo Pro is a professional platform perfect for home.


Cut costs and limit water usage across your municipality by utilizing Verdmo Pro and its sensors. Long range connection options, long life power options, and quick installation means you can be seeing results immediately. Bring you city into the future.


Create a neighbourhood built on environmental savings by using Verdmo Pro to cut down on water use by up to 60%. Have better lawns and common areas without wasting water and money. 


Easily monitor your greenhouse with sensors created for soil and air, monitoring c02, soil moisture, temperature and more. Connect everything into your dashboard and see all your data in one place.


Verdmo Pro is the perfect tool for your farm. Fields, orchards, vineyards, greenhouses or anything in between can benefit from better data. Long range options and industrial components mean installation is easy and worry free.


Verdmo Pro can be used in many locations we haven't mentioned. Built to industrial standards, long range and long battery life, and a variety of sensors all adds up to a system that is flexible and can fit your needs no matter where they are.

Ready to get started with Verdmo Pro? 

We have created a sensor platform that is designed from the ground up to be flexible so it can be used in a variety of locations and industries. Home owners who want to better under stand their watering needs, to urban landscapes that want to offer something new, municipalities who strive to become smart cities, farms who want better crops, and irrigation specialists wanting to integrate with controllers. Everything is possible with Verdmo Pro.

Verdmo Pro Can

Be Used Anywhere

Flexibility You Can Use.

Verdmo Pro is highly customizable allowing you to decide what sensors you need, what connection type works for you, and how your data is used on your dashboard. All of this equals a product that can fit your location and requirements no matter what.

Unlimited Installation Options


Insert your sensors at multiple depths in order to understand water drainage and soil characteristics at and below your root zone. Keep the Verdmo Pro hub above or below ground while maintaining long range connectivity allowing you to monitor your sensors anywhere.

(Actual wire length 5ft, longer lengths available.)


Add multiple sensors to each sensor hub and keep track of your soil in multiple locations. Each sensor can have extended wires to reach where you need. Add other sensors to your hub to get a full reading of the air and soil in a location to make the best decisions.

 (Actual wire length 5ft, longer lengths available.)

Single Sensor

Choose to use a single sensor setup to keep track of a specific area. The same features as multi-sensor configurations ensure you get the best data no matter what. Add multiple single sensors to your installation and view everything on your Verdmo Pro dashboard.

(Actual wire length 5ft, longer lengths available.)

(But here are a few examples)