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What is LoRa and why do I need a gateway?

LoRa stands for Long Range and is a low power long range wireless connection that allows Verdmo Pro to work over much further distances than WiFi or other usual wireless technologies. Because it is a different wireless technology it requires a gateway (router) in order to connect to your Verdmo Pro to your dashboard. You only need one gateway to handle all of you Verdmo Pro's as long as they are within wireless range of the gateway.

How many Verdmo Pro's do I need?

This depends on where you are using your Verdmo Pro's. If you are using them in a neighbourhood, then we would recommend one per location and utilizing the additional sensors that can be added when ordering to monitor different areas of the yard. If you are using it if in a large field we would recommend several Verdmo Pro's, one in each location you want to monitor because the distance between them would be further. If you need help in planning how many Verdmo Pro's you need please contact us below or at pro@verdmo.com.

How far will my Verdmo Pro work?

Verdmo Pro uses LoRa connectivity. LoRa's range depends on the environment, urban locations will have a shorter range than rural locations. You should be able to achieve a range of at least 1mile (1.6kms) with your LoRa setup, but a much longer range is possible. 

How many sensors can be connected to one Verdmo Pro?

Verdmo Pro allows you to order one unit with up to 5 separate sensors. This means you can measure soil moisture, salinity and temperature in 5 different locations. Each sensor comes with a 5 foot connection, but you can order longer connections separately here.

Do I need to order anything else for Verdmo Pro to work?

When ordering Verdmo Pro you will need to also order a Verdmo LoRa Gateway. You will only need to order one Gateway even if you order multiple Verdmo Pro's, as long as they are within range. For example you could have five Verdmo Pro's all within range of your LoRa gateway, and you would only need one Gateway for them all to function.

What's the difference between the Basic and Pro subscription?

The Basic subscription provides you with access to your own Verdmo Pro dashboard and on going updates in the future. The Pro subscription gives you the same access, but also includes additional dashboard options, free battery replacements (shipping fee may apply) when required, and on going express warranty which means Verdmo will ship a replacement unit to replace any issues right away for as long as the subscription is up to date.  

Why do I need to pay for a subscription?

Verdmo Pro requires a subscription so that we can continue to provide you with high quality data that will continue to improve over time. Verdmo Pro's dashboard gives you more information and more flexibility than a standard app.

Does Verdmo Pro connect to any other services?

We will have an API available at launch and will be adding more connection options soon after. All of these will be included in your subscription fee.


Why Verdmo Pro?

When choosing a system to help you better understand your crops, landscapes or anything inbetween it is important that it provides you with what you need. Verdmo Pro is customizable and powerful, giving you what you need without making you pay for things you don't. 

1. Save

With Verdmo Pro you save water (up to 60% reduction), save money with less waste and save time by making the right decisions the first time.

2. Better Decisions

Don't second guess what you should do, make better decisions with Verdmo Pro. A powerful dashboard is at your fingertips giving you the information you need.

3. No Worries

Verdmo Pro is built to last leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Industrial construction and multi-year batteries mean less wasted time maintaining your sensors.

4. Simplicity

Setup and use your Verdmo Pro in only a minute. Each Verdmo Pro ships set up and ready to go with quick connection, dashboard login, and almost instant results.

*actual wire length 5 feet (longer lengths available)

** final product may differ from image

Verdmo Pro Soil

Shipping Spring 2021

With LoRa Connection


Starting at

Verdmo Pro is the next generation of soil moisture sensing providing professional sensors at a price that is within reach.

Featuring highly accurate sensors (moisture/salinity/temperature), long range connectivity (up to 1 mile (1.6kms)), multi-year battery life and built to industrial standards (IP68 waterproof), Verdmo Pro will take away the guess work and provide the data you need.


Configurable with up to 5 sensors, a choice of batteries, and a subscription to fit your needs, Verdmo Pro is exactly what you need to monitor your soil better. 

Contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

*LoRa Gateway required for first connection

**Subscription required. You will be contacted before shipping


  • Verdmo Pro Soil Hub

    • Length​

      • 3.5in/8.9cm​

    • Width

      • 3.5in/8.9cm​

    • Height

      • 2.4in/6cm​

  • Verdmo Pro Sensor

    • Length​

      • 4.7in/12cm​

    • Width

      • 2in/5.2cm​

    • Height

      • 1.4in/3.5cm​

    • Wire Length

      • 5 feet (longer wires available​)

  • Standard Battery

    • SAFT LS Series

    • 2 year+ battery life

  • Rechargeable Battery

    • Solar powered​

    • On going battery life


Temp + Protection


Connection + Range


  • Low Temp

    • -20°C/-4°F​

  • High Temp

    • 80°C/176°F​

  • Waterproof

    • IP68 Rating​

  • Basic Subscription​

    • Standard 1 year warranty​

  • Pro Subscription

    • Ongoing express warranty​

    • Active subscription required

  • LoRa Connection​

    • LoRa Gateway required for first unit connection​

  • Range

    • up to 1mile/1.6km in urban locations​

    • longer range possible in rural locations

    • many variables can affect range


Being able to connect with your data, and get the information you need when you need it is important. With Verdmo Pro's dashboard you have ability to setup alerts based on results (eg: low moisture level) and have them sent to you via e-mail, text message, phone call, slack and many more.  You also have access to our webhooks and  API to make your own unique connections. We will continue to add more connection options which will all be included in your subscription. Connect the way you want.


Multiple Sensors

Add up to 5 separate sensors, each with 5 feet of wire (long lengths available) to your Verdmo Pro order. Monitor different locations or soil depths with one unit. 

Three Sensors in One

Get soil moisture (VWC%), salinity (bulk EC) and temperature readings all in one sensor, and up to five sensors for each Verdmo Pro.